i7strategies has created a subscription-based video service called Executive Briefings, which provides critical education targeting C-Suite and Board Members. Powered by BankersHub, Executive Briefings are short, 3- to 6-minute videos on a variety of topics that your Executives and Board Members need to know about, but likely don’t. For one low annual price, you and up to 14 other Executives and Directors will have unlimited access to every video in the library for any authorized user.

The Executive Challenge

Executives and Directors have difficulty staying current on industry issues, regulatory pressures, FFIEC guidances and technology trends.

  • They are short on time with inflexible schedules
  • Traditional online webinars are often 60 minutes long, or more
  • Content of many online events is often too detailed or not targeted to executives

The Executive Briefing Solution

Executive Briefings address the challenges that CEO’s, Executives and Directors have:

  • High quality, high engagement videos delivered via desktop and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Time sensitive, with each video lasting 4-6 minutes
  • Extensive library across a broad curriculum
  • Topics that are specifically tailored for Executives and Board Member

For subscription information, please visit www.bankershub.net

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Making Executive Briefings Videos

If you are an expert in your field and have information that would be of interest to FI CSuite or Board Members, you may be a good candidate for becoming an Executive Briefing Video Producer. Video Producers create videos according to the Executive Briefing standards and once accepted, they are available to all subscribers. Video Producers are paid fees based on the number of views that the videos receive.

For more information on becoming a video producer for Executive Briefings, contact David Peterson at 229-630-1000 or david@i7strategies.com.

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