With a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial services and payments, i7strategies is your choice for consulting that will allow you to reach your full potential. i7strategies consultants have extensive experience in the financial services and payments industries. For entities in these verticals that need to augment internal resources to secure specific desirable outcomes, i7strategies can create a specific action plan that will assist in meeting and exceeding expectations.


Have a great product or service, or even just an idea, and are not sure how to generate “buzz” in the industry? Advocacy is the ability to get people talking about what you have to offer, in ways that do not resemble an overt sales pitch. Through feature articles, webinars, and platform speaking, i7strategies can get people talking about and calling you.


Whether for an hour, a week or on any recurring schedule, it is often necessary to use a consultant to fill a short term need. i7strategies can supply seasoned talent experienced in:

  • Payment System / Clearing System Start-up
  • Systems Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Corporate Communication
  • Temporary Executive Replacement
  • Product Development / Direction

  • Technical and Business Assistance

    Some companies originate with brilliant technologists who have limited business experience. Other companies are business- or sales-focused with limited technology expertise in senior management. Either way, having access to experienced consulting that can bridge the technology and business sides can be the key to success at critical junctures of the business life cycle. i7strategies provides this bridge.

    Acquisition & Mergers

    Thinking of acquiring or merging with another company? Are you sure that the claims made about the technology are real? Whether you are the acquirer or acquiree, you must make your own assessment of the viability of any potential transaction. i7strategies can provide all levels of due diligence assessment.

    International Services

    Entities such as countries and regional systems that do not currently have electronic clearing systems have special strategic needs. i7strategies has extensive experience in getting new payment systems started in countries such as Panama, Aruba and Trinidad/Tobago, and can provide education and consulting for financial stakeholders in the methods and best practices of starting ACH and electronic check clearing systems from the ground up.